Daily Cash flow Statement Spreadsheet V03.1

Daily Cash flow Statement, Daily Sales, Business/Personal Finance, Business, Personal and Household Bill Expense Tracker.

Stop wasting your Money and Start your Savings! This Cash flow Statement is an easy and Powerful Tool to control your money flows.  It will help you enter your Sales, Income or Salary on a Daily basis. It will help you Monitor, Control and Manage your Budget, Income and Expenses. It will help you to Stop Wasting your money and Start your Savings! You can forecast your future financial position and helps you predict whether you, your family or your business will have enough cash to meet your obligations. Puts you in control of how to manage your cash flow.

What is this Cash flow Statement?

It is a task-oriented Excel spreadsheet that already has the necessary and appropriate formulas programmed in and professional-looking formats laid out for you. No new software to load or set up - enter your data and start planning in seconds! This saves you time, while providing you with the analytical wisdom and presentation style of the pros.

You can add up to 5 sources of income and 27 Expenses in any language. You can add your income and your expenses on a daily basis.

You can track your inflows and outflows on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Daily Cash flow Statement is a handy expense manager spreadsheet software for your computer or tablet. With the help of this spreadsheet software you can keep an eye on your income, expenses, credit cards and bank accounts. It is specially built for small businesses and home users. You can easily maintain, calculate, lets you take control, analyse, manage and keep a track of your household or any expenses, on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis easily.

This expense manager spreadsheet software can be downloaded to Windows PC. This software offer various features, like: manage and analyse your household monthly expenses, make analysis of your expenses in various categories to create strategy for decreasing your expenses, keep a record of your transactions, generates various kinds of reports and graphs and also, you can Personalized it with Your Name/Company Name, Bank accounts or Credit cards etc. etc. (You can Save the file as many times as you want and/or use it for Different Purposes).

The best part?

Enter information into the lighted yellow cells in the “Input Data” sheet ONLY! Choose from the user form, the date, your Income or Expense category and enter the amount. No debit no credit. No left or right column. Just enter the amounts in one column ONLY!


All worksheets are automatically linked together so figures only need to be entered once!

If you want to manage and analyse your expenses and control your budget in a better way, then you can try out this Daily Cash flow Statement spreadsheet.

You can also use it as an Excel Management Template, as a Check book Register etc...

Take your time and have fun learning how the different inputs affect your cash flow statement and your cash balance at any given period of time.

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